Dividends4Life: 10 Great American Dividend Stocks To Buy Now

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More than six years old now, this stock bull market is already the third longest in the past century. While it’s natural to assume that stocks are due for some kind of a correction after such a winning streak, timing that tumble has bedeviled the experts. One way to protect yourself is to own stocks that already look cheap. Additionally, you could select stocks that pay sizable and rising dividends so that even if prices are stagnant or falling, you’re earning money.

Some U.S. companies have more than a century of operating history, a testament to their dependability and adaptability over time. Many of them also produce prodigious amounts of cash which has fueled stock buybacks and dividend increases. The three listed below are excellent choices for value investors looking for dependable dividends: General Electric (GE), AT&T (T), Emerson Electric (EMR). Two Illinois companies that make heavy machinery both look like bargains at current prices: Caterpillar (CAT), Deere & Co. (DE). Larger companies aren’t the only ones that offer compelling values and fat dividend yields: Douglas Dynamics (PLOW), Orchids Paper Products (TIS). Energy stocks as a group have been routed over the past year, but many have stealthily and strongly rallied year-to date: Occidental Petroleum (OXY), Holly Energy Partners, L.P. (HEP), Spectra Energy Partners, L.P. (SEP).

Source: Forbes

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