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Dividend-Stock Fan Isn’t Shying Away

Posted by D4L | Thursday, May 28, 2015 | | 0 comments »

Dividend increases might be under pressure in industries such as energy these days, but that hasn’t stopped financial adviser Sue Stevens of Deerfield, Ill., from boosting her clients’ bets on dividend-focused funds. “You want some income coming from your stock funds, not as an alternative to bonds, but just as a way of trying to find stability in a volatile stock market,” says Ms. Stevens.

Last year, she increased her clients’ allocation to funds that buy stocks of dividend-paying companies. For those who can handle moderate risk, she invests 17% of the portfolio in funds that hold such stocks. However, she says investors who own shares of individual dividend-paying companies might consider trimming those holdings in case they are concentrated in a sector such as energy, which has taken a hit from lower oil prices.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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