Dividends4Life: Grow Your Money Plant Into A Money Tree With These Dividend Stocks

Though dividends are not the only yardsticks by which you measure the performance of a particular stock, they play an important role in influencing your investing decision. Not all dividend stocks are equipped with the capacity to sustain in the tough market conditions of the coming years. There are only a few stocks that not only make their investors happy with reasonable payouts but also have it in them to grow at a phenomenal rate in the future. If you invest in these stocks, you are sure to see your money multiplying to great extents in the future. Let us see a couple of dividend stocks for whom the future is quite bright and nice as of now.

Boeing Airlines (BA) is the one of the most promising dividend stocks that is staring at a great future because of lots of factors. In the last 10 years, the management of Boeing has increased dividends by a whopping 190%. If there is one company that can come back strongly after a disastrous product recall phase, it has got to be a company that has strong business values and the passion to succeed. We are going to see one such stock here – the automobile giant, General Motors (GM). The dividend stocks discussed above have immense potential for the future and hence are sure to provide investors very good returns. When investors get handsome quarterly returns, they can pool back the same into the market for reinvesting purposes. This will give them a chance to compound their returns.

Source: Guru Focus

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