Dividends4Life: Cheap Dividend Stocks To Vie For

Cheap Dividend Stocks To Vie For

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The stock market is currently going through quite a stable phase. There have not been many volatile scenarios in the last month or so, and many stocks are trading at highly discounted prices and are up for grabs. Out of these, the first preference for investors is obviously stocks that pay out high dividends. There are many such stocks in the market right now, trading at very attractive prices. However, experts recommend the following stocks as the best of the lot as buying these stocks right now will result in investors gaining a lot in the long term.

One stock that stands out in terms of its great dividend yield and consistent performance is Realty Income (O). The next high yielding dividend stock that is recommended as a “Strong buy” by analysts is the dividend aristocrat, HCP Incorporation (HCP), the real estate investment trust that focuses on healthcare buildings alone. Real estate investment trusts are mostly high-dividend paying stocks. As per the rule, these REITs need to pay out 90% of their earnings to shareholders. However, of all the trusts, these two are recommended by analysts, because their prices are currently quite low due to market reactions for future expectations of reduction in interest rates by the Federal Reserve. With high-quality tenants from the retail and healthcare sectors, both these trusts are sure to grow to a great extent in the future, thereby increasing shareholders’ worth to a great extent.

Source: Guru Focus

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