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The 3 Best Dividend-Paying Tech Stocks

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As a sector, technology isn't particularly known for dividends. Indeed, many of the most exciting technology stocks don't pay a dividend at all. Assuming they're profitable (an assumption that doesn't always hold), technology companies often funnel their cash back into their business rather than pay shareholders a dividend. Below, three Motley Fool contributors offer up their picks for the best dividend-paying tech stocks.

Joe Tenebruso - Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL): You'd be forgiven if you've previously overlooked Apple as a dividend stock. The tech titan has been the epitome of growth stock over much of the last decade, with its surging revenue and incredible earnings growth over that time. Anders Bylund - Intel (INTC): This is not the perfect dividend stock -- not by a long shot. But Intel's stock just might offer the perfect balance between potential share price gains and a solid payout. What's more, Intel is back to boosting its quarterly payouts after a too-long pause. Sam Mattera - Cisco (CSCO): For most of the last five years, the only reason to own Cisco has been its dividend. While the networking giant has paid a reliable, and gradually increasing, dividend since 2010, the stock has been a frequent underperformer.

Source: Motley Fool

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