Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks With Greater Than 7% Yield

Dividend Stocks With Greater Than 7% Yield

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Stocks that pay high dividends have always been darlings of investors. Given the uncertain conditions of the stock market, you will naturally want a good cover for yourself in the form of good returns. However, you cannot conclude that all high dividend stocks are good choices for investing. You must exercise discretion here and invest wisely so that you don’t complicate your financial position any further. A stock that has more than 7% dividend yield sounds interesting definitely; however, how will you know if that stock is worthy enough to be invested in or has good growth potential? You can be sure on these aspects, if you choose from the following:

Fly Leasing Limited (FLY), as the name indicates, is a company that deals in leasing out aircrafts to airline companies. The next company on the list is Seaspan Corporation (SSW). With a fleet of 83 ships, dividend yield of 7.6%, and 26 new container ships expected to be added by the end of 2016, Seaspan presents a wonderful opportunity for investors. Among stocks that have more than 7% dividend yield, these two are safe bets because they have the capacity to continue yielding good returns to shareholders. Consistency is the key for these two stocks. With lots of growth-generating initiatives lined up for this year, both these companies are sure to exceed expectations of analysts and investors.

Source: Guru Focus

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