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Even though shares of Ford (F) have been stuck in a tight range between $15 to $17 per share, Burns McKinney, portfolio manager of NFJ Global Dividend Value Strategy, says he likes the stock near current levels. "We like to focus on low PE ratio, high dividend paying stocks," he explained. Trading at just nine times earnings, below its industry average of 12 times earnings, and with a dividend yield of almost 4%, Ford certainly "fits the mold," he said.

AT&T (T) is another company that McKinney is on the long side. The company has a dividend yield of 5.6%, giving it one of the highest yields in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Trading at just 13 times earnings, it too has a lower valuation than most of its peers. Despite concerns of pricing pressure and increased competition, AT&T has seen its revenue per user hold relatively steady, he explained. McKinney's final pick is MetLife (MET - Get Report) . The $56.5 billion market cap insurer shouldn't be considered a systematic risk, in his estimation. If considered a systematic risk by regulators, the company is required to meet certain capital ratio requirements that often hinders large financial institutions.

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