Dividends4Life: Best Dividend Stocks For 2015 - Here's My Top 4

The US market started on a downer in January 2014 showing -2.70% (S&P 500). There were many investors who supposed that this one month trend would set the tone for the year. Well, if you were one of these investors, you have missed something. As at November 28th 2014, the S&P 500 posted a positive return of over 13% excluding dividend, 15.29% with dividend. In general, the stock market has become more volatile. We went through a few drops throughout the year, the most important being after Germany announced they were entering recession territory in October. However, Q3 earnings season results were better than expected and the market has since hit new records.

As I do it each year, I've picked 20 dividend stocks to beat the market in 2015. My 2015 selection includes companies selling products directly to American consumers in order to benefit from the drop in oil price leading to a bigger family budget. Once again, I am bullish for 2015, but which dividend stocks will do better? Using my 7 dividend investing principles, I've made my list of the best dividend stocks for 2015: APPLE (NASDAQ:AAPL), BLACKROCK (NYSE:BLK), GARMIN (NASDAQ:GRMN) and GENUINE PARTS (NYSE:GPC).

Source: Seeking Alpha

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