Dividends4Life: This High-Dividend Stock Nearly Doubled Its Dividend, Yields 10%+;Goes Ex-Dividend This Week

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How would you like to own a high-yielding refining stock? What a difference a few weeks makes -- if we'd asked you that question around mid-October, you probably would've run, not walked away. Not now. After bottoming out last month, refiners have taken off and outperformed the market handily. Why? Because falling crude prices have greatly increased refiners' margins, or "crack spread." This week's focus stock, Northern Tier Energy, (NYSE:NTI), is no exception. It's up over 21% since the October 15th lows, vs. a 9%+ rise for the S&P 500.

NTI is an independent downstream energy company with refining, retail, and pipeline operations that serve the PADD II region of the United States. Northern Tier's refining business primarily consists of an 89,500 barrels per calendar day (96,500 barrels per stream day) refinery located in St. Paul Park, Minnesota. The refinery's complexity allows it to process a variety of light, heavy, sweet and sour crudes into higher value refined products. The St. Paul Park Refinery is one of only two refineries in Minnesota and one of four refineries in the Upper Great Plains area within the PADD II region.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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