Dividends4Life: 2 High-Dividend Stocks You Can Have Fun With

2 High-Dividend Stocks You Can Have Fun With

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How would you like to collect some cash from a couple of high-dividend stocks whose products you can actually use for fun? If you invest in a consumer products company like Colgate-Palmolive (CL), you might help ‘em out by purchasing a bar of its soap. That’s kinda dull. But with Cedar Fair, L.P. (FUN) and Six Flags Entertainment Corp (SIX) — two classic amusement park operators — you can literally ride your investment all the way to the bank.

Six Flags, headquartered in Texas, owns 16 amusement parks throughout the U.S. with an additional one in Mexico City and one in Canada. Cedar Fair, with its legacy park Cedar Point located in Ohio, owns 11 parks across the U.S. and Canada. Some investors are uneasy with FUN stock or SIX Stock, high dividends notwithstanding. And that’s understandable. Both companies have had major troubles in their recent past — Six Flags went through bankruptcy proceedings in 2009, while Cedar Fair flirted with financial disaster after it took on $1.24 billion in debt to purchase Paramount Parks in 2006. The Great Recession added to these woes.

Source: InvestorPlace

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