Dividends4Life: Strategic Dividend Reinvestor ETN Packs A Dividend Wallop - With A Twist

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Remember when dividends ruled the investment roost? Long-time dividend hound -- and architect of the Miller/Howard Strategic Dividend Index -- Lowell Miller remembers. Dividends are a little tougher to come by these days than they used to be, though. Why? The current yield on the S&P 500 is currently around 1.9% -- less than half of its historical average of around 4.4%.

So where can you go if you're from the Missouri School of Investment Strategies? In other words, what's out there for "show me" types who insist on real, tangible dividends? Here's the latest option: The new Citigroup C-Tracks ETN Miller/Howard Strategic Dividend Reinvestor (NYSEARCA:DIVC), the third in Citi's group of "C-Track" offerings. The fund, which tracks the Miller/Howard Strategic Dividend Index, began trading on Sept. 16.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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