Dividends4Life: Why I Slept Like A Baby Last Night Earning An 8.8% Yield

My approach to investing is not recommended for others to follow to the tee. However, if something I am doing makes sense to you and you do your own due diligence then you can implement a part of my strategy into your portfolio. Hopefully, something I write will resonate as a useful actionable tool for you to implement. For instance, few investors are going to be comfortable owning 3 stocks. However, if you have come to the conclusion that Altria Group (NYSE:MO) is a very strong stock to own, you might look to start or increase your position in MO when MO has a pullback and a more attractive entry point presents itself from a valuation standpoint. Currently MO is trading at its all-time high.

I only own 3 stocks. I am currently retired at the age of 55. I have been retired for the last 15 months. My portfolio keeps growing and my wife and I have lived well since my retirement. It has been a bull market and the excellent results may not occur over the next several years. However, AGNC, my largest holding, suffered dividend cuts and a steep decline in its price and I still managed my portfolio successfully. I have actively managed my portfolio successfully by buying AGNC when it trades at a 10% or more discount to its book value and selling a portion when it closes the gap. I also took a substantial profit in KMR and then recently used the proceeds to increase my AGNC position as the discount to book value is currently approximately 13%-15%, in my estimation.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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