Dividends4Life: Use The Apple Cash Machine To Grab A 9%-Plus Yield And Beat The Market Pullback

Looking for a safe haven in this turbulent market? Many of our recent articles have cited preferred stocks as a safe haven, but maybe you should also consider Apple, (NASDAQ:AAPL), which has bucked the latest market pullback in addition to beating the market over the past year and year-to-date. Always in the news, activist Carl Icahn feels that AAPL shares are significantly undervalued, and are worth $203. Mr. Icahn recently wrote AAPL CEO Tim Cook a letter, which is posted on his Shareholders Square Table website, in which he praised AAPL management's performance and advised them to consider buying back more shares while they're still undervalued by 50%.

AAPL has grown its quarterly dividend from $.37857 in August 2012 to the current $.47, a 24% increase over the past 2 years. If Mr. Icahn's earnings forecasts are close to being correct, we should see more dividend increases in 2015, in addition to more share buybacks. Options: Although its 1.85% dividend yield is too low to be listed in our High Dividend Stocks By Sectors Tables, AAPL does have attractive option-selling opportunities. Covered Calls: If you're looking for more income from AAPL shares, selling covered calls offers you a way to earn at least 4 to 6 times AAPL's dividend payouts in the following 3 time periods.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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