Dividends4Life: Kellogg: Boring-but-Awesome Dividend Stock

Kellogg: Boring-but-Awesome Dividend Stock

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When it comes boring dividend stocks, nothing could be more unexciting than corn flakes. Specifically, Kellogg’s (K) corn flakes. K stock has been a steady performer on the dividend stock front for years — powered by boring corn flakes. And yet, there’s still plenty of growth for the firm. All in all, investors looking for a high-yielding dividend stock, K shares could be it.

While organic growth in its core North American cereals business has roughly flat-lined since the end of 2012 — and actually declined slightly during the last quarter — it still produces plenty free cash flows to help fund its dividend and other endeavors. That’s the boring part of K stock. But the growth for Kellogg isn’t coming from breakfast cereal. It’s coming from snack and natural food products — both in the U.S. and overseas.

Source: InvestorPlace

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