Dividends4Life: 5 Dividend Stocks That Could Double Your Money in 10 Years

What if I told you that you had the opportunity to double your money over the course of 10 years by investing in five different stocks? While it would take a respectable annualized return in excess of 7%, the stock market has returned an average of 8% to 10% throughout its history. Now what if I claimed you could double your money over the course of 10 years by investing in five high-yield dividend stocks and that your return on investment would double solely from the dividend payments received? Sounds a bit more intriguing, right?

Now that you're well aware of the big risks associated with yield-chasing, let's have a look at five high-yield dividend stocks that have the potential to double your money in a decade or less based solely on their stipend. Here are five high-yield dividends that could double your money in a decade or less: Medallion Financial (NASDAQ: TAXI), Martin Midstream Partners (NASDAQ: MMLP), Annaly Capital Management (NYSE: NLY), SeaDrill (NYSE: SDRL) and Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust (NYSE: CHKR).

Source: Motley Fool

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