Dividends4Life: Two Top Chinese Stocks For Growth And Dividend Income

This article will present, discuss, and analyze two top Chinese companies. In my opinion, these are the top two investments that one can make right now in China. Both of these companies have U.S. traded ADRs, which makes investment in them accessible to investors in the United States. The two companies that we will take a look at today are China Mobile (NYSE:CHL) and Bank of China (OTCPK:BACHY) (OTCPK:BACHF). For purposes of this article, a case will be made for an investment into each of them based on major catalysts going forward along with healthy dividend yields. As you will notice above, there are two ticker symbols for Bank of China. This is because BACHF represents one ordinary Hong Kong share and BACHY represents 25 ordinary Hong Kong shares.

With Bank of China, you have a company that is growing its earnings nicely, along with a recent track record of generous dividend increases to accompany its current dividend yield of over 5%. With China Mobile, you have a company that is starting to heat up in the market, but I believe that its best is yet to come. It pays a healthy dividend yield, and has an amazing catalyst to improve its earnings by offering the iPhone and other high end smartphones at a bargain. As always, please conduct your own research and due diligence before buying any stock.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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