Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks Bubbling Cash Like Lava

Dividend Stocks Bubbling Cash Like Lava

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If you like to make money on the stock market like me, you need a clear vision and strategy about how to make money. Are you an income investor who likes to receive dividends or are you a short-term oriented trader with focus on quick profits? I'm focused on long-term growth with growing income. In my view, only over a long period of time, can stocks double and develop their full asset potential. I've recently published a small article about stocks with high free cash flows, companies that earn so much money from their operations and they have no need or desire to invest this money.

Most of the top yielding stocks come from the technology sector and they also plan to buy back a significant amount of their own shares which is also very good for the stock price. Today I like to go forward and introduce the rest of my research results. They have on average a smaller yield but should be also attractive. A big part of the results come from the financial sector. Asset managers and stock exchange operators are top. #1 Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE)

Source: Guru Focus

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