Dividends4Life: 5 Undervalued Dividend Stocks Trading Below Their Graham Number

A review of S&P returns over 16 geopolitical crises since 1960 has concluded that no, heightened tensions do not have much of an effect on the stock market. Investing during the year of the Bay of Pigs or when the USSR invaded Afganistan or even when the US entered Iraq would have yielded returns in excess of 30% the following year.

To look for value stocks, we then narrowed the screen using the Graham number. Invented by the granddaddy of value investing, Benjamin Graham, the number tries to assign a "fair value" to a stock based on earnings per share and book value. When a stock trades below its Graham number, it might be said to be undervalued. The above screen left us with only five stocks on our list: MicroFinancial Inc. (MFI), Northrim Bancorp Inc. (NRIM), Rocky Brands, Inc. (RCKY), Salem Communications Corp. (SALM) and Starwood Property Trust, Inc. (STWD).

Source: The Street

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