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Top REIT Dividend Dogs Pack 7% To 20%

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One-year mean target price set by brokerage analysts multiplied by the number of shares in a $1k investment were used to compare the top stock for each of ten REIT types. Those showing the highest upside price potential into 2015 out of 20 selected by yield were charted. The number of analysts providing price estimates was noted after the name for each stock. Three to nine analysts were deemed optimal for a valid mean target price estimate.

Top REIT dogs from each of ten types were winnowed from 190 from here to a weighted list of 40 that showed the biggest dividend yields as of June 18. The ten types of REITS (in order by yield) and their percentage weight were: mortgage and finance (23%); residential (12%); retail (13%); diversified (13%); office (7%); health (6%); lodging (9%); specialty (8%); mixed industrial & office (4%); industrial (5%). Top REIT stock by yield, Western Asset Mortgage Capital (NYSE:WMC) was the top mortgage and finance representative.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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