Dividends4Life: Is Ken Fisher a Dividend Growth Investor?

Is Ken Fisher a Dividend Growth Investor?

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Ken Fisher (Trades, Portfolio) has written not one, but seven money management books. He is the son of famous investor Philip Fisher. Ken Fisher (Trades, Portfolio)’s investment firm, Fisher Investments, currently has about $44 billion in assets under management. This article will examine Ken Fisher (Trades, Portfolio)’s top 5 stock holdings by portfolio weight to determine to what degree Ken Fisher (Trades, Portfolio) is a dividend growth investor. Ken Fisher (Trades, Portfolio)’s underlying investment theme is to buy stock in good companies when they are on sale.

Ken Fisher (Trades, Portfolio)’s top 5 stock picks are listed below:

- American Express (AXP), 2.22% of portfolio
- Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), 2.21% of portfolio
- Pfizer (PFE), 2.19% of portfolio
- United Technologies (UTX), 2.12% of portfolio
- Wells Fargo (WFC), 1.98% of portfolio

Over the last 5 years, every single one of Ken Fisher (Trades, Portfolio)’s Top 5 holdings has paid increasing dividends.

Source: Guru Focus

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