Dividends4Life: Realty Income's Business Model Is Similar To Mine As A Dividend Growth Investor

I was struck recently by a graphic that appeared in an article by Regarded Solutions about Realty Income (O). The company's diagram illustrates how they go about generating reliable dividends and fostering dividend growth over time. What struck me about the diagram (which comes from O's website) is that their business model is so similar to my own as a self-directed dividend growth investor. Like Realty Income, I also want to generate reliable dividends and foster their growth over time.

In the center of Realty Income's diagram is their central goal: The production of cash dividends for their shareholders. That is my central goal too. I want my business to produce cash dividends. When it does, I reinvest them as described earlier. At some point, I will live off of them, hopefully without needing to sell a share of anything to create the cash flow that my wife and I need. Assuming that we reach that point, we will never outlive our money.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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