Dividends4Life: Is Chubb Better Than Aflac For Your Dividend Portfolio?

Chubb Group (CB) and Aflac (AFL) are both in the competitive insurance industry. They primarily operate in different insurance categories, although both offer supplemental health insurance in the US. Both Aflac and Chubb have dividend yields just north of 2% and payout ratios under 25%. Both businesses have a long history of profitable growth in the insurance industry. Aflac has managed to grow revenue per share about 2 percentage points a year faster than Chubb over the last 10 years.

Aflac's heavy exposure to Japan and the Yen have made it exceptionally volatile. Because of Aflac's high volatility, Chubb outranks Aflac based on the 8 Rules of Dividend Investing. Chubb is ranked in the top 10, while Aflac is ranked 28th (which is still high). Investors who are looking for stability, capital appreciation and income appreciation will most likely be better served by Chubb than Aflac going forward. Both businesses are strong investments however, and Aflac will most likely do well for investors who can hang on through its high volatility.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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