Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks With No Debt With High Yields Under $15

If you haven't heard, dividend stocks are all the rage . Investors want yields, and dividend stocks currently offer the best ones. However, high yields aren't the only factors investors should take into consideration when selecting dividend stocks. After all, companies can raise, cut, or halt dividend payments whenever they see fit, and high yields can make it difficult for companies to sustain their dividend payments-especially if they experience several quarters of bad earnings.

When a company has a high debt/equity ratio, it means that it's relying heavily on debt to operate and grow, which has the potential to impact earnings down the line (interest on the debt becomes an added expense). Do you think these dividend stocks with no debt will be able to sustain their high yields? Use this list as a starting point for your own analysis: ATA, Inc. (ATAI), Capitol Federal Financial, Inc. (CFFN), Compuware Corporation (CPWR), CTC Media, Inc (CTCM), NL Industries Inc. (NL) and New Mountain Finance Corporation (NMFC).

Source: NASDAQ

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