Dividends4Life: Dividend Analysis of 3 Restaurant Stocks

Dividend Analysis of 3 Restaurant Stocks

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In today's world of competitive fast food chains, investors need to keep a close eye oncompanies' dividend payments and yields if they are seeking regular income. This is trueregardless of whether the overall market is moving up or down. Certainly, McDonald's (MCD) is known worldwide for its Big Mac and Egg McMuffins. But will this company's dividend be enough to keep shareholders happy in an income seeking environment? Chances are, the answer is a resounding yes. Wendy's (WEN) is another big player in the fast food industry, operating more than 6,500 restaurants in both North America and internationally. While McDonald's and Wendy's are currently offering respectable dividend payments, Burger King Worldwide (BKW) is lagging a bit behind.

All three of these companies will need to continue improving menu items in order to offer variety, as well as some differentiation, and in order to keep wooing customers. Continued growth in international markets will also be a big catalyst in keeping all of these food chains competitive. Statistically, many dividend paying stocks outperform non-dividend-paying stocks over the long run. This typically occurs in both good and bad markets. Given this, investors who seek share price growth in the quick serve restaurant industry would do well to choose those companies that also offer steady dividend payouts.

Source: Guru Focus

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