Dividends4Life: 5 Fast Growing Dividend Stocks That Are Priced To Own

The idea of fast growing dividends is easily misunderstood. Just because a company is growing its dividend at a rapid rate doesn't always make it a great stock. Especially if its starting yield is a mere 0.5%. However, fast growing dividends on a 2% yield or more can quickly become a high-yielding stock. It gets even better when these stocks are cheap.

The 5 fast growing dividends that are priced to own that are outlined below all have P/E to growth (PEG) ratios at or below 2. They all have payout ratios of 50% or less, and most importantly, have been growing their dividends at a blistering pace. All of these five stocks have also grown their dividend payments at a 30% CAGR or better over the last half decade: Accenture PLC (ACN), Helmerich & Payne, Inc. (HP), Huaneng Power International (HNP), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM) and Airgas (ARG).

Source: Seeking Alpha

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