Dividends4Life: Growth Stocks Shrivel; Income Stocks Grow

Growth Stocks Shrivel; Income Stocks Grow

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While the major market indexes were hitting new highs in May, small capitalization stocks and clean energy stocks (most of which are small cap) continued to lag. The broad market benchmark IWM gained just 0.2% and is down 2.3% for the year, while my clean energy benchmark PBW fell 3.2% cutting its gains for the year to a slim 1.2%. Meanwhile my 10 Clean Energy Stocks for 2014 model portfolio managed to eke out a 0.3% gain. All of that gain was in the form of dividends paid, without which it would have been flat for the month. For the year to date, the model portfolio has edged ahead of both benchmarks with a total return of 2.8%.

The key to this relative out-performance has been my focus on income and value stocks. Growth stocks had a particularly painful two months in April and June, and growth stocks dominate the clean energy indexes and most clean energy mutual funds. The trend can also be seen in my model portfolio, as I pointed out last month when I contrasted the first six income oriented stocks with the remaining four, which I lumped together as "growth."

Source: Altenergystocks.com

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