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I am a big fan of stocks with high yields and growing dividends. That has become even more important in recent years when the Federal Reserve's low interest rate policy has been hard on investors saving for retirement and those who need income during retirement. The ultimate goal for successful investing for the vast majority of investors is high income at retirement, not investment worth which can give a false sense of accomplishment when a portfolio value rises.

A low interest rate environment has been all but virtually promised by the Federal Reserve to last for at least another 2 years. However stocks that start with high yields and increasing dividends, should provide higher income at retirement without reinvestment and tax issues. Additionally, reinvested dividends magnify rising income prior to and during retirement (a period of life that can last for decades). Below are 3 stocks offering excellent yields and growing dividends. As a bonus, they pay monthly dividends which many investors appreciate: Realty Income (O), EPR Properties (EPR) and Linn Energy's, LinnCo (LNCO).

Source: Seeking Alpha

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