Dividends4Life: Best Dividend Stocks for 2014 … and 2024 … and Beyond

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The best dividend stocks are not just the ones that offer big payments right now. After all, big dividends are nice … but pretty meaningless if your high dividend stocks also give you very low share performance. Similarly, what good are big dividends now if they don’t last? If a company has high dividends today but reduces or eliminates those payments in the future, that’s not the kind of stock you want to invest in.

So when looking for the best dividend stocks, investors need to focus on both the current dividend opportunities and the prospect of big payments down the road, too. And to me, there’s no better investment for income – both now and over the long-term — than healthcare REITs: Ventas (VTR), HCP Inc. (HCP) and Health Care REIT (HCN).

Source: InvestorPlace

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