Dividends4Life: A Dividend Investor's Guide to 3 Stocks You Can Buy Blindfolded

The market is going to crash. Well sooner or later. But what happens in a market crash? Are you prepared? The answer to this simple but important question depends on who you are asking. The Different Mentality of 3 Types of Investors For a Short Term Trader long on the markets, the answer is something like “I’m about to be wiped out”.

For a Medium Term Investor (investment horizon of 5 to 6 years), the answer will shift focus to the severity of a market crash instead of focusing on a binary event. After all, a 20% correction is small when you put it into perspective of a 5 year timeframe. That’s because markets can easily move +/- 20-30% in any given 5-6 year timeframe. The Best Time To Buy – When There Is Blood On the Streets. I am Long Term Investor. That’s right. A boring, non-glamorous & “lazy” person who invests for decades & not just years.

Source: Guru Focus

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