Dividends4Life: 3 Stocks Under $10 With Dividend Yields Above 11%

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There is no free lunch. At least, that's what economists say. Another academic chestnut says stock prices reflect the real value of a company through the mediating magic of the market. If a company were truly undervalued, the market would find out and instantaneously drive up the price.But savvy investors know that isn't the whole story. Sometimes too-good-to-be-true investment opportunities arise as different investor preferences create undervalued opportunities.

Three companies under review are both affordable and offer a handsome cash payment for your investment. All three of them come from sectors that are conventional go-tos for dividend-seeking investors. Two of them, BlackRock Kelso Capital (BKCC) and TICC Capital Corp (TICC) invest in businesses, and the last, Windstream Holdings Inc (WIN) offers communications and technology products, managed services and cloud computing to business and broadband, voice, and video services to consumers.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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