Dividends4Life: Three Dividend Paying Stocks

Three Dividend Paying Stocks

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Ben Franklin had it right when he said there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. Admittedly, I’m no Founding Father, but in my view there is a trio of exceptionally well-managed, publicly traded companies whose products are so fundamental to the way modern man lives that, if not existential certainties, are darned close to it. And what sets them further apart as paragons of investing virtue is their unbroken record of growing dividends that is likely to continue as far as the mind’s eye can see. In short, they’re the ultimate keeper stocks.

Let’s start with one human foible: smoking. If you look at only the US, you’d think it’s a fading habit – but you’d be wrong, because it’s growing faster in other parts of the world. The first of my “forever” dividend paying stocks, Phillip Morris International (PM). Next modern economic fact of life: oil. I’m one of those who doesn’t buy the story that we’re going to run out of oil in our lifetimes. Chevron’s dividend yield is 3.2%, Conoco yields 4.3%, Exxon pays 2.7%. I personally think ExxonMobil is the best positioned, and would buy that. My third irreducible feature of modern life: bottled beverages. Coca-Cola (KO), I believe, will be one of the few things left standing following the Zombie Apocalypse or the next Civil War.

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