Dividends4Life: Secret Dividend Stocks That Have Paid for 30+ Years

It can be difficult to sleep at night when you hold dividend stocks during difficult times. The unspoken worry all dividend investors have is whether those dividends will be lowered or — in a worst-case scenario — stopped entirely. And if you live on a fixed income, these worries are likely magnified. A lot of dividend stocks, particularly in the leisure segment, suspended dividends during the financial crisis. So when choosing a dividend stock, it’s always wise to look at the company’s dividend payment track record.

Today, we’ve got three lesser-known dividend stocks that have all been paying dividends for more than thirty years: The first of the secret dividend stocks is WGL Holdings (WGL), a rather unique stock in that it’s a diversified energy play. Old Republic International (ORI) started back in 1887 and is an insurance company that offers a huge array of products. The final stock on our list of secret dividend stocks is Vectren Corporation (VVC), an energy play that’s diversified into four segments.

Source: InvestorPlace

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