Dividends4Life: Occidental And Kraft Are Value Dividend Stocks To Keep Your Eye On

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My philosophy on dividend investing is to utilize the forward price to earnings ratio and use a one-year PEG ratio, along with a dividend. I don't necessarily look for a stock with a high yield because I like to see capital appreciation. Because the market is still at all-time highs I maintain that it is difficult to find good stocks these days. That's why I'm highlighting a select set of excellent value companies in my dividend portfolio, which have had ex-dividend dates or paid out a dividend during this past week or early next week that people should place on their radar.

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) is an oil & gas production company, which operates in three segments: Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Midstream, Marketing and Other. Kraft (KRFT) operates food and beverage businesses in North America including convenient meals, refreshment beverages and coffee, cheese and other grocery products. I've highlighted these names because they have all raised their dividend or initiated them within the past year and are poised to do so again in the coming years. It is important in this market to be able to hold onto companies, which raise their dividend rates or initiated them, because it is a sign that the underlying company is doing well financially. The importance of these stocks I've highlighted is that they are value plays while the broader market is at all-time highs. I believe we are at a point in the market where we have to look for value.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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