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Hidden Value in These Companies?

Posted by D4L | Saturday, February 15, 2014 | | 0 comments »

After a wild 2013 that saw the stock market climb 30%, income seekers could have more trouble than ever finding the top dividend stocks in 2014. Famed investor Peter Lynch often spoke of looking at the things around us to find the best investments, and as simple as it sounds, that's often the last place that most investors look. Here are three companies that are "hidden in plain sight." Let's take a closer look.

The old phrase "not seeing the forest for the trees" tells us to look beyond our surroundings and take in the big picture. Yet sometimes we can find the way to long-term wealth by taking notice of the obvious, like funeral homes and cemeteries, natural-gas utilities, and Apple's efforts to increase per-share returns.

Source: Daily Finance

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