Dividends4Life: Using Sector ETFs and Foreign Dividend Stocks

Using Sector ETFs and Foreign Dividend Stocks

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"Among the most important determinants of portfolio profitability is picking the right sectors," writes Max Isaacman, a financial writer who specializes in ETF investing. These days, Issacman is bullish on a number of sectors that unperformed last year, including energy and emerging markets. And he make suggestions for ETFs that play key investment themes that are a little off the beaten path. For example, one way to play an upturn in the Far East, particularly Taiwan, is WisdomTree Emerging Markets SmallCap Dividend ETF (ticker: DGS). The largest country allocation in DGS is Taiwan, with a 27% allocation.

On the topic of international investing, there's a piece on StreetAuthority's site that ferrets out high-yield stocks in foreign markets. "At last count, my research shows that over 79% of the world's highest-yielding stocks are based in international markets," writes StreetAuthority's Michael Vodicka. These stocks, he writes, include companies like global shipping giant Navios Maritime Partners (NMM), which yields 9.3%. And Bermuda-based outfits like SeaDrill (SDRL), which pays an impressive 7.9%.

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