Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks Under 10 Dollars for Value Investors

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As some of our readers have pointed out, the stock screens we publish with equities all priced below $5 don't always do so well. But this is sort of expected. Stocks in this price range are often so volatile that most institutional investors won't even consider them. And while these lists often yield a big winner or two, the gains made by one are rarely enough to yield a well-performing list as a whole. So we decided to tweak the formula behind our "Deal or No Deal" column a bit. It's still important to us to search for small caps and growth plays that you may not have heard of – but we also wanted to try more ways to weed out some of the duds.

Here are 6 stocks under 10 bucks that also have low valuations and pay dividends: Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASX): Provides semiconductor packaging and testing services for semiconductor companies. DRDGOLD Ltd. (DRD): Operates as a surface gold retreatment company in South Africa. Entravision Communications Corporation (EVC): Operates as a diversified Spanish-language media company. The Female Health Company (FHCO): Manufactures, markets, and sells the FC2 female condoms in the United States and internationally. Hallador Energy Company (HNRG): Engages in the production and sale of steam coal in the United States. MicroFinancial Inc. (MFI): Operates as a specialized commercial finance company.

Source: The Street

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