Dividends4Life: A Strategy To Increase Your Portfolio Yield, Safe Satellite Holdings

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In a recent article with the title, "Blue Chip Stocks Yielding Over 4% Today," I discussed my 20 Core holdings, and specifically the seven stocks within that Core which were yielding over 4%. This article is Part II of a series and describes the REITs I hold for 2014. Part III will cover high yielding Utilities, Business Development Companies and midstream MLPs that round out my dividend growth portfolio to enhance average yield and increase my income.

The decision to designate a stock as a Core or Satellite holding is somewhat arbitrary and follows guidelines, not strict rules. Generally, the Core stocks are long-term major holdings in stable but growing large cap firms. Usually, I hold full positions in Core stocks, and Satellite holdings may be smaller. Core holdings are primarily Blue Chip C type corporations with significant dividend growth. I select Satellite holdings for high but relatively safe yield, and those stocks may have lower dividend growth rates. The primary task of the Satellites is to provide current income.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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