Dividends4Life: 5 S&P Aristocrat Dogs Pursue 8% To 12% December Upsides

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Results for S&P 500 Aristocrats Index members from Yahoo Finance tallied as of market closing prices December 27, 2013 were compared with analyst mean target gain results one year hence. The resulting chart of that data below displayed five stocks pursuing 8.24% to 12.55% price upsides.

McDonald's Corp. (MCD) the Oakbrook, IL headquartered restaurant operator in the service sector showed the lowest upside of the five at 8.24%. Target Corp (TGT) the discount variety store service firm from Minneapolis rang up 9.57% to claim the fourth slot. PepsiCo Inc. (KO), the Purchase, NY purveyor of snack and soda consumer goods fizzed 10.33% to take middle ground. Coca Cola Co. the Atlanta purveyor of snack and soda consumer goods popped 10.62% to splash the second highest upside of the five. HCP Inc. (HCP) a Long Beach, CA hybrid healthcare REIT charted the 12.55% price upside to lead the index.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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