Dividends4Life: 5 ‘New’ Dividend Stocks Worth Reconsidering

5 ‘New’ Dividend Stocks Worth Reconsidering

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High-paying dividend stocks took a beating in the wake of the financial crisis. Dividend yields dropped as payouts were cut or eliminated at an alarming rate. In fact, in 2009, companies slashed dividends by $52.6 billion, or 21%, from 2008 levels to mark the worst decline in payouts on a percentage basis since 1938. While the best dividend stocks were those who maintained or even increased their distributions in a time of crisis, even some of the bluest blue chips were part of this group.

But that was the past. In 2013, some of the best dividend stocks to buy might be dividend stocks that killed their payments but have recently decided to reinstate their quarterly dividends to shareholders. Consider General Motors (GM), which just reinstated its dividend with a $1.20 annual payment planned. Related auto play Goodyear (GT) recently reinstated a 5-cent quarterly dividend for a yield around 0.8%. In late 2013, American International Group (AIG) paid a 10-cent dividend to mark its first distribution since its infamous decline during the financial crisis. Ford (F) paid a dividend of 5 cents per share to start 2012 ... [it] increase payments to 12 cents a share. Embattled technology stocks Seagate (STX) returned to the income crowd, too.

Source: InvestorPlace

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