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Stocks I Like- But I Am Not Buying

Posted by D4L | Monday, December 09, 2013 | | 0 comments »

I accumulate funds for investing by raising cash through various means and adding it to my quarterly dividends. I then take those funds and add shares to one of my current holdings, or start a new position. I do this, roughly, on a quarterly basis. However, I am currently sitting on some cash, but find all the stocks I am interested in expensive. Thus, I have chosen to wait until I see a better opportunity. Below, I will share the four stocks I am most interested in and why I am waiting to purchase them:

Procter & Gamble (PG) - Procter & Gamble needs no introduction, it is one of the worlds largest consumer goods companies. I would like to own P&G, but I do not want to own it at the current price. Realty Income (O) - Realty Income is a 44-year old publicly traded real estate company that likes to refer to itself as the "Monthly Dividend Company." I currently have a small position in Realty Income, but do not intend to purchase any additional shares until the rise in interest rates stabilizes. Coca-Cola (KO) - As everyone knows, KO is the world's largest beverage company. I have for some time been looking to add to KO, but have not found the right entry price. Microsoft (MSFT) - The last stock I will discuss is MSFT. There is some short-term risk in the stock price if Alan Mulally is not selected as the new CEO.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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