Dividends4Life: Big Dividend Payers on Sale Now

Big Dividend Payers on Sale Now

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Finding top-paying dividend stocks is simple; examining each one to weed out the rejects isn't. For the average buy-and-hold investor, dividend stocks are vastly superior to non-dividend stocks because even if the price stagnates you still make money. The trick is to find the right balance between the stock's yield, growth, volatility and ability to continue paying dividends. If you don't enjoy reading SEC filings, that's OK. I'm happy to do it and share the results. Either way, you've got to pay attention to find the best deals and create an edge.

Make sure the industry and the company match your investment objectives. If you can, use your current professional knowledge to garner a market edge when entering or exiting a position. Industry insiders can run circles around Wall Street if they take what they know and apply it wisely to the market. Take a close look at two new recommended high-yield dividend stocks and their current value: McDonald's (MCD) and Southern Company (SO).

Source: The Street

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