Dividends4Life: Consumer Goods Stocks with Huge Dividend Potential

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You know that I love stocks from the consumer goods sector because there are so many companies with a high-quality and low-cyclic business model. Around three quarters of my investments have a deep relationship to the consumer sector. Today I would like to finish my monthly screen about low debt stocks with small dividend payouts. I’ve tried to compile the top picks from the major capital sectors with high potential of a growing dividend.

The consumer sector offers 12 stocks with a low dividend payout of less than 20 percent combined with a debt to equity ratio below 0.2. Nine of them have a current buy or better rating by brokerage firms. I own none of the mentioned stocks. This could be reasonable to the fact that most of the results have a very small market capitalization. I do love big companies with strong cash flows and high market entry barriers but those also have high debt burdens. Here are the three biggest results: Ralph Lauren (RL), Fortune Brands Home & Security (FBHS) and Gildan Activewear (GIL).

Source: Guru Focus

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