Dividends4Life: Top Yielding Dividend Aristocrats with Low Dividend Payouts

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Dividend Aristocrats are stocks with a very long dividend growth history. Those stocks raised their dividends over more than 25 consecutive years and being selected by the credit agency Standard & Poor’s. The index covers 54 companies from the national stock exchanges. Dividend Aristocrats are nice because they have a huge trust base for long-term orientated investors but a past performance also did not mean that the future performance would be the same. Some Dividend Aristocrats are full of debt and they pay dividends at a very high level.

Today I would like to introduce you some of the Dividend Aristocrats with the lowest dividend payout ratios on the market. Half of the results have also acceptable or low debt ratios. Only thirteen stocks have a dividend payout ratio of less than 30 percent of which seven are currently recommended to buy. Here are the top yielding results: Chevron (CVX), Exxon Mobil (XOM) and AFLAC (AFL).

Source: Guru Focus

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