Dividends4Life: Top Industrial Dividend Stocks With Low Debt And Dividend Payouts To Boost Future Returns

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Corporations with a small amount of debt have better flexibility to grow faster than other stocks with a similar size in the same industry. Corporate debt is a major source to boost growth without issuing new shares. I’m a dividend growth investor and I look for stocks that pay in 10 years a dividend that is twice as big as today. That’s the reason why I always look beside the growth possibilities also at the dividend payout and debt figures. A company with little debt, high cash and low dividend payouts has much to offer for current shareholders.

Today I would like to screen the industrial sector by stocks with low debt figures and dividend payouts. I selected only those stocks with a 20 percent dividend payout and a debt to equity ratio of less than 0.2. Only thirteen stocks fulfilled these two criteria of which ten have a current buy or better ratio. The results are dominated by lower capitalized stocks. Only five have a market cap over a billion dollar. Here are the biggest stocks: Babcock & Wilcox (BWC), EnerSys (ENS) and Emcor Group (EME).

Source: Guru Focus

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