Dividends4Life: My Favorite Dividend Income Growth Stocks Below Book Value

How would it be if you purchase a dollar for 50 cents? I believe it would a great deal, but who gives you values for less than the price you pay? For sure, nobody will gift you something on the market, and there is definitely no free lunch. That’s a major rule I’ve learned from my years as a professional investor. But sometimes these are good companies with price to book ratios below the current market valuation. Theoretically, you get more value for each dollar, but does it helps you if the corporate produces losses and decreases the book value year for year? I don’t think so. But the answer is always hidden.

Today I would like to present you dividend growth stocks that have hiked their payments uninterrupted over more than five years and have a price-to-book ratio below one at the same time. The financial industry is one of the biggest contributors to the screening results. Are there real values for investors? Only 12 corporate stocks in total fulfilled these two criteria of which four yield over three percent and six have a current buy or better rating. Here are my favorite stocks: Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT), Telephone & Data Systems (TDS), PartnerRe (PRE) and Eagle Bancorp Montana (EBMT).

Source: Guru Focus

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