Dividends4Life: High Dividend, Low Volatility Stocks For Income Investors

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In the hunt for low volatility stocks, one of the best ways to find stable companies is by looking at those that pay a steady stream of dividends. To some investors though, a 1% or 2% yield won't cut it; they're looking for the so-called monsters. Let's take a look at four such S&P 500-listed companies with dividend yields over 5% and betas at or very close to 0.4-meaning they're about 60% less volatile than the market.

Pepco Holdings (POM) is one of the largest electric companies in the U.S. AT&T (T) may surprise some people by being on this list, but it does in fact pay a dividend yield near 5.3% and its beta sits squarely at 0.4. Finally, one more electric utility company, FirstEnergy (FE), also makes the cut. [More]

Source: Seeking Alpha

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