Dividends4Life: Widely Held Dividend Stocks Pulling up Lame

Widely Held Dividend Stocks Pulling up Lame

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Many stocks are covered on a frequent basis just because “everyone” holds them. Walmart (WMT), McDonald’s (MCD), General Electric (GE) and the like — many people own them, and thus many people want more news on them. Which brings me to a list provided by ETF Channel: 25 Dividend Giants Widely Held by ETFs. Its a nifty list that provides exactly what’s advertised: 25 income stocks that are widely held in ETFs.

You’d have a hard time coming up with a lot of major beefs with many of these companies. There’s a reason so many funds hold them, and it’s not just herd mentality: Telecom giant Verizon (VZ) certainly delivers the goods in yield at 4.4%. Big Pharma mainstay Pfizer (PFE) was once a dividend champion with a steady string of 30 consecutive annual increases. Canadian banks, such as Bank of Montreal (BMO), have long been viewed as pretty steady.

Source: InvestorPlace

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