Dividends4Life: This Microcap Paying an 8% Dividend

This Microcap Paying an 8% Dividend

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I enjoy studying companies in the microcap arena. They usually are overlooked stocks that often harbor a great idea that, if properly executed, can grow into a huge success over the years. As long as the company isn’t 1) technology-related, 2) biotech/pharma-related or 3) an obvious penny stock piece of junk, I give these little guys a lot of time. It takes patience to buy a microcap and wait for it to really give you big returns, but they also are the breeding grounds for the elusive ten-bagger.

In the case of Collector’s Universe (CLCT), however, the story is a bit different. I’m not actually sure how much of a growth play it is. Instead, this $140 million company (by market cap) appears to have a solid long-term, legacy business that produces a lot of cash flow — almost all of which is returned to shareholders as a dividend that is presently yielding a stunning 8%.

Source: InvestorPlace

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