Dividends4Life: This Big Dividend Stock Finally Be Turning Around

This Big Dividend Stock Finally Be Turning Around

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When it comes to dividend stocks from large, mature companies, it's hard to compete with Veolia Environnement's (NYSE: VE) current 5% yield. Part of the reason the yield is so high is that ever since the Great Recession, the company has struggled to deal with crushing amounts of debt, and that has scared investors.

When new CEO Antoine Frerot took the reins following an expensive spending spree by former management, he realized that Veolia needed to trim down its business, focus on a few key areas, and sell off the rest in an attempt to pay down debt. As the company's report for the first half of 2013 demonstrates, Frerot's plan seems to be taking hold -- but does it mean that its outsized dividend makes the company a "buy-now stock"?

Source: Motley Fool

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