Dividends4Life: Do Retirees Need A Dividend ETF Or A Portfolio Of Individual Stocks?

You worked hard raising your family. You were fiscally responsible keeping debt under control. You invested regularly in your 401K even years where it was difficult to do so. Now the time has come for your portfolio to work for you. As you enter a new stage of investing, the distribution stage, justifiably you have concerns. What approach to investing will best serve your needs, will last through your entire retirement and provide support for generations to come?

In 2011 I discovered Dividend Growth Investing and began to discuss my personal investment experience using this approach with my personal portfolio here on Seeking Alpha. Over and over in the articles I write I am asked the question "Can't I just follow the model of Dividend Growth Investing through an ETF"? Let's see how such an ETF might play out during the accumulation stage where safe and growing monthly income is job one.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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